1984 Season Recap: September–Part I

Marty Castillo diving to his right

The Tigers head down the final stretch with 13 straight against Baltimore and Toronto. Off to a Rough Start September was the big dance for Detroit: six games against the Blue Jays, a chance to knock them off for good and clinch the pennant.  They entered the month 9.5 games up. The pennant was largely … Continue reading 1984 Season Recap: September–Part I

Season Recap–Aug

Lance Parrish high-fiving Kirk Gibson in a baseball stadium

Check out all the monthly recaps of the 1984 season. If you want to become a big sports cliché, go on a slump during August.  August and slumps go together only too well: The daaaawwwwwwwggg daaaaaaaaaaays of Awwwwww-gust. It’s hot.  So hot. Everyone’s lawn is yellow and prickly.  The mosquitoes are out and it’s miserable. … Continue reading Season Recap–Aug

84 Season Recap-July

Detroit Tigers pitcher Dan Petry throwing a pitch. Crowd behind him.

Check out all the monthly recaps here and here Despite Streaky Play, July Ends OK July Summary                      Week W-L Overall W-L        Lead Jul 1- Jul 8     2-6                   57-27            7 Jul 9-15         3-1                   60-28            7 Jul 16-22       6-1                   66-29            9 Jul 23-31       5-4                   71-33            12 One of the most annoying simplifications of the Detroit Tigers’ … Continue reading 84 Season Recap-July

Season Recap–June, Part II

Detroit Tigers pitcher Willie Hernandez

In Part One, I looked at the draining 14-game slog against the Blue Jays and Orioles.  Here are the other major developments in June. 1.Game-Winning Homers and Other Late-Inning Heroics The 1984 Tigers were dominant.  They led all the way.  And you can’t do that without rising to the occasion when you have to.  You’re … Continue reading Season Recap–June, Part II

1984 Detroit Tigers Season Recap–May

Check out all the monthly recaps of the glorious '84 Tigers season. Today's: May. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqJI0_ft4wc The ’84 Tigers slipped through the doorway into May on the highest of highs.  They had tied the all-time record for best 20-game start, were pitching great and hitting great, and weren’t showing signs of blowing it. They were slated … Continue reading 1984 Detroit Tigers Season Recap–May