The Tigers Win the Pennant! Sept. Recap Part II

Kirk Gibson, Marty Castillo, and Lance Parrish

Clinching the Pennant Say you’re a big-time pitcher.  A golden boy—good looking, tall, always the star.  You sign with a big league club and start rocketing up the minor league system. And then you get the big call.  The bright lights, the blinding chalk lines, the booming stadium announcer saying your name.  You see some … Continue reading The Tigers Win the Pennant! Sept. Recap Part II

Season Recap–June, Part II

Detroit Tigers pitcher Willie Hernandez

In Part One, I looked at the draining 14-game slog against the Blue Jays and Orioles.  Here are the other major developments in June. 1.Game-Winning Homers and Other Late-Inning Heroics The 1984 Tigers were dominant.  They led all the way.  And you can’t do that without rising to the occasion when you have to.  You’re … Continue reading Season Recap–June, Part II