Who Ya Gonna Call?: Pop Music and the 1984 Detroit Tigers

Detroit Tigers celebrating their World Series victory: Willie Hernandez, Lance Parrish, Darrell Evans and others

Pop music in the 80’s had a distinct sound, and one that didn’t age well.  Whether it was the new-wave or dance club music smeared with keyboards in the first half of the decade or the trite hair metal in the second half, it was all sheen and glitz and big, dumb riffs. 1984 saw … Continue reading Who Ya Gonna Call?: Pop Music and the 1984 Detroit Tigers

Grubb Comes Through: ’84 ALCS Game 2

Detroit Tigers players Darrell Evans, Chet Lemon, and Larry Herndon smiling and slapping hands

Big Cats Put Saberhagen on Heels The Tigers had dominated the Royals in Game 1.  Game 2 gave them a shot to completely demoralize K.C., to make them believe they couldn’t win. They’d have to do it against the kind of combatant perfectly suited for his team in the situation, a confident young kid new … Continue reading Grubb Comes Through: ’84 ALCS Game 2

’84 ALCS: Tigers Have Pennant in Sights

Alan Trammell hitting a baseball

Season Recap, Post-season edition: ALCS Preview and Game 1 Recap The Royals' Strange Pennant The ’84 K.C. Royals cobbled together a division crown. Their year was serpentine, complicated.  Many contributions were improbable. In a sense, the season began in the offseason, when both Willie Wilson and Willie Aikens were arrested attempting to buy cocaine.  Each … Continue reading ’84 ALCS: Tigers Have Pennant in Sights

Season Recap–Aug

Lance Parrish high-fiving Kirk Gibson in a baseball stadium

Check out all the monthly recaps of the 1984 season. If you want to become a big sports cliché, go on a slump during August.  August and slumps go together only too well: The daaaawwwwwwwggg daaaaaaaaaaays of Awwwwww-gust. It’s hot.  So hot. Everyone’s lawn is yellow and prickly.  The mosquitoes are out and it’s miserable. … Continue reading Season Recap–Aug

Season Recap–June, Part II

Detroit Tigers pitcher Willie Hernandez

In Part One, I looked at the draining 14-game slog against the Blue Jays and Orioles.  Here are the other major developments in June. 1.Game-Winning Homers and Other Late-Inning Heroics The 1984 Tigers were dominant.  They led all the way.  And you can’t do that without rising to the occasion when you have to.  You’re … Continue reading Season Recap–June, Part II

Season Recap–June: The Schedule Gets Tough (Part I)

Detroit Tiger Alan Trammell swinging a bat

Check out all the recaps of the glorious '84 season: today, June June Schedule Brings Baltimore, Toronto The 1984 Detroit Tigers’ schedule was bizarre.  The formula was essentially: in April, play mostly Western Division teams, with six games scheduled against Eastern foes Boston and Cleveland.  In May, a couple of big road trips, meeting every … Continue reading Season Recap–June: The Schedule Gets Tough (Part I)