1984 World Series Game 1: Holding Out for a Herndon

Larry Herndon

Season Recap, World Series Edition. Game 1 with an overview of the Padres. Padres’ Road to the 1984 World Series The 1983 San Diego Padres pulled off an improbable feat.  They earned the same record as they had the year before: 81-81.  That’s 162-162 over 2 years, each time good for a 4th-place finish.  Inertia.  … Continue reading 1984 World Series Game 1: Holding Out for a Herndon

Wilcox Takes Charge: ’84 ALCS Game 3

October Baseball in Michigan October in Michigan.  What could be finer?  You’ve got your apple cider, your doughnuts with cinnamon and sugar, your jeans jackets for your archery or four-wheeling or orchard wandering or other outdoor activities.  The air is pleasant the way a drink of ice-cold water is pleasant. And it’s nice indoors, too, … Continue reading Wilcox Takes Charge: ’84 ALCS Game 3

Grubb Comes Through: ’84 ALCS Game 2

Detroit Tigers players Darrell Evans, Chet Lemon, and Larry Herndon smiling and slapping hands

Big Cats Put Saberhagen on Heels The Tigers had dominated the Royals in Game 1.  Game 2 gave them a shot to completely demoralize K.C., to make them believe they couldn’t win. They’d have to do it against the kind of combatant perfectly suited for his team in the situation, a confident young kid new … Continue reading Grubb Comes Through: ’84 ALCS Game 2

’84 ALCS: Tigers Have Pennant in Sights

Alan Trammell hitting a baseball

Season Recap, Post-season edition: ALCS Preview and Game 1 Recap The Royals' Strange Pennant The ’84 K.C. Royals cobbled together a division crown. Their year was serpentine, complicated.  Many contributions were improbable. In a sense, the season began in the offseason, when both Willie Wilson and Willie Aikens were arrested attempting to buy cocaine.  Each … Continue reading ’84 ALCS: Tigers Have Pennant in Sights

The Tigers Win the Pennant! Sept. Recap Part II

Kirk Gibson, Marty Castillo, and Lance Parrish

Clinching the Pennant Say you’re a big-time pitcher.  A golden boy—good looking, tall, always the star.  You sign with a big league club and start rocketing up the minor league system. And then you get the big call.  The bright lights, the blinding chalk lines, the booming stadium announcer saying your name.  You see some … Continue reading The Tigers Win the Pennant! Sept. Recap Part II

1984 Season Recap: September–Part I

Marty Castillo diving to his right

The Tigers head down the final stretch with 13 straight against Baltimore and Toronto. Off to a Rough Start September was the big dance for Detroit: six games against the Blue Jays, a chance to knock them off for good and clinch the pennant.  They entered the month 9.5 games up. The pennant was largely … Continue reading 1984 Season Recap: September–Part I

Season Recap–Aug

Lance Parrish high-fiving Kirk Gibson in a baseball stadium

Check out all the monthly recaps of the 1984 season. If you want to become a big sports cliché, go on a slump during August.  August and slumps go together only too well: The daaaawwwwwwwggg daaaaaaaaaaays of Awwwwww-gust. It’s hot.  So hot. Everyone’s lawn is yellow and prickly.  The mosquitoes are out and it’s miserable. … Continue reading Season Recap–Aug

In ’84, Dave Bergman Was Clutch All Year

Dave Bergman

Have we been remembering Dave Bergman for the wrong reasons?  Do we remember his 1984 season at all? We remember a moment, a legend.  But not a season. A moment from Dave Bergman’s career—and from the Detroit Tigers’ Wire-to-Wire World Championship 1984 season—that has been built into fable and that stands as a monolith, is … Continue reading In ’84, Dave Bergman Was Clutch All Year

Add-a-Tiger: Bill Scherrer

Add-a-Tiger posts profile Tigers who didn’t make the ’84 Opening-Day roster, but who came on mid-season and played a part in the story. RP Bill Scherrer #17 6-4 170 B: 1-20-1958 Tonawanda, NY W-L: 1-0 ERA: 1.89 WHIP: 1.16 SV’s: 0 Bill Scherrer comes off as the kid in high school who wasn’t in any … Continue reading Add-a-Tiger: Bill Scherrer