Wilcox Takes Charge: ’84 ALCS Game 3

October Baseball in Michigan October in Michigan.  What could be finer?  You’ve got your apple cider, your doughnuts with cinnamon and sugar, your jeans jackets for your archery or four-wheeling or orchard wandering or other outdoor activities.  The air is pleasant the way a drink of ice-cold water is pleasant. And it’s nice indoors, too, … Continue reading Wilcox Takes Charge: ’84 ALCS Game 3

’84 ALCS: Tigers Have Pennant in Sights

Alan Trammell hitting a baseball

Season Recap, Post-season edition: ALCS Preview and Game 1 Recap The Royals' Strange Pennant The ’84 K.C. Royals cobbled together a division crown. Their year was serpentine, complicated.  Many contributions were improbable. In a sense, the season began in the offseason, when both Willie Wilson and Willie Aikens were arrested attempting to buy cocaine.  Each … Continue reading ’84 ALCS: Tigers Have Pennant in Sights

Season Recap–Aug

Lance Parrish high-fiving Kirk Gibson in a baseball stadium

Check out all the monthly recaps of the 1984 season. If you want to become a big sports cliché, go on a slump during August.  August and slumps go together only too well: The daaaawwwwwwwggg daaaaaaaaaaays of Awwwwww-gust. It’s hot.  So hot. Everyone’s lawn is yellow and prickly.  The mosquitoes are out and it’s miserable. … Continue reading Season Recap–Aug